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BIO-SENSE is a Belgium based organisation specialising in strategic thinking, market research and business development.

Focus on nutrition and health.
Modern society is at the brink of major changes in which the impact of food on human health will play a decisive role. Eating habits, diet and food production are at the hart of an intensifying societal debate whether the current evolution in health and nutrition is a sustainable option for the future of modern society. It is a very complex environment with many stakeholders involved, from food industry to insurance, from authorities to NGO’s and from health professionals to consumers. This entails substantial scope for friction and conflict, especially because health and nutrition are deeply rooted in culture and therefore bound up with fundamental values.

Also scientific and technical progress, which holds great potential for solutions, may contribute to polarise society as it raises different ethical concerns with various societal groups. The future of health and nutrition is therefore rife with uncertainty and ambiguity and thus extremely complex to foresee. Presenting one of the largest challenges to modern society for the future, health and nutrition is also a tremendous window of opportunity for innovative business and societal development.

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Summary brochure of the Nutrition & Health 2020 scenarios:
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