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Future visions and strategy thinking.
BIO-SENSE specialises in helping organisations to build more robust strategies in the field of health and nutrition by:
  • Gaining deeper insight in the interaction of key driving forces and the key uncertainties about the future.
  • Identifying and exploring possible new avenues of development in view of very different possible futures
  • Conceiving and challenging a range of alternative strategies
  • Stimulating the creative process at the marketing/research interface
The approach of BIO-SENSE is original in the sense that it combines two essentially different fields of experience:
  • Innovation, marketing and business management for the food ingredient industry with special emphasis on the health and nutrition markets;
  • Participatory processes such as scenario planning, expert panel, consensus conference and many more in a multi-stakeholder environment.
A solid scientific background and a thorough understanding of the strategic planning process is further supporting this approach. BIO-SENSE is therefore ideally placed to bring together scientific, industrial, marketing and societal views into a broader long term perspective.

Business development and planning.
Although many industries are facing a growing incompatibility between profitability and the environmental, societal and health concerns of modern society, the food and food ingredient industry has an enormous window of opportunity to turn this shift in attention to health and nutrition to its advantage. In addressing these values, traditional food companies will be challenged to fundamentally change their business models and to consider upframing to more sustainable nutrition oriented businesses.

With today’s biological and nutritional know-how it is possible to create additional value or generate new business that appeals to the modern society’s interest in nature and natural health. The increasing use of natural substances to leverage a health benefit through food is just one example. But also managing the stream of nutrition and health information to consumers and health professionals will play an important role and requires organisations to re-think strategic options for the future.

In this context, BIO-SENSE has helped the industry to:
  • Design detailed strategy and business development plans;
  • Optimise competitive market positioning of products and services;
  • Organise the market and product development process more efficiently;
  • Explore partnership and acquisition opportunities.

For example BIO-SENSE has applied its expertise to:
  • analyse the relevant functional food market trends
  • determine the nutrition & health opportunities in an existing product portfolio
  • assess the market and business potential for a new ingredient
  • reassess a product portfolio to become more balanced
  • conceive new strategic alternatives for existing products
  • build strategic options and new business development opportunities
  • prepare detailed business and marketing plans
  • develop a marketing strategy for the introduction of a new ingredient or extension of a portfolio
  • create product communication and technical documentation